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Charidy Fundraising Dashboard

Provides you with full access to your very own branded platform, including our independent, user-friendly technology. In a few simple steps, you can set up your campaign goals, and the length of your campaigns, create incentives and campaign specials, then hit the ground running.

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Comprehensive Campaign Management

All the benefits of the Charidy Campaign Helper, plus a dedicated crowdfunding expert that includes strategy sessions to map out your goals, tools to better understand your community from a fundraising perspective, and opportunities to multiply your returns.

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Giving Day

Our ultimate networking campaign that places multiple organizations under one master brand campaign page. A giving day campaign can also provide your sub-charities an opportunity to share resources, save costs, prepare graphic assets under one umbrella in a few easy steps, and harness the powerful channel of combined giving.

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Donation Page

Safe, secure and reliable. Charidy's embeddable "Donate with Charidy" button allows your community and donors to donate with a click of a button on your fully branded and supported page. The donation page offers technical peace of mind while you focus on your organization’s other meaningful and important endeavors.

Ambassadors & peer-to-peer

The secret tool at the heart of multiple crowdfunding campaigns. Ambassadors and peer-to-peer fundraising are tried and true methods to tap your community's hidden potential and power. You can utilize this effective Charidy service with our smooth backend user interface experience.

Matching Campaigns

Our simple yet winning matching campaign service is distinctive and effective. This option offers a powerful incentive as we help you locate, prep, and mobilize matchers using our timeless methods. All of your matched donations are yours to keep, as there are no Charidy fees on matched donations.

Charidy 360

Every campaign yields an abundance of valuable data, that Charidy 360 will help you leverage. The Charidy 360 service is offered year-round and post-campaign by facilitating donor follow-up and donor preservation through data. Our 360 specialists will work with your organization to give you a leg up for your next campaign.

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